Commercial Oven Cleaning

Professional commercial oven cleaning is a requirement for every business.Commercial-Oven-Cleaning For health and safety reasons a commercial kitchen needs to be cleaned regularly. Food residue and a build up of grease can create a fire hazard. Our professional commercial oven cleaning brings business owners peace of mind. Because we know our business we can leave you to work on your own business. Our technicians service all cooking appliances. We clean ducts, vents, canopies, hoods and canopy filters. We offer a free, no obligations quote. Call us now on 01 4588885.

What makes Ovenclean the industry leader service for the professional kitchen? Our attention to detail. Our technicians know how important your kitchen is. We tailor each job around your needs. We work quickly, without fuss and minimum disruption. Call us now on 01 4588885 for a free quote.

Why choose Cleanoven for your Commercial Oven Cleaning

Exacting attention to detail

Fully trained technicians with a wealth of experience

No mess. All the dirty work is carried out in our deep cleaning tanks installed in our vans. No mess is left in your kitchen.

No fuss. We clean around your schedule. There is no interruption to your work.

No trace. All our cleaning products are kind to the environment

Peace of mind. You can get on with your business. While we get on with ours.

Fully trained and insured professionals.

Call us now for a no-obligations quote on 01 4588885.

Grease Extraction Cleaning

Regular deep cleaning of grease extraction systems in commercial kitchens not only lowers the risk of fire but also protects your employees as well as customers.

The Grease Extraction Process

Cleanoven technicians clean all areas of the Grease Extraction System using degreasing equipment and environmentally friendly chemicals. All elements are cleaned including Fan housings and Canopies Ducting. These items are degreased, checked for damage, dried and any damaged items replaced. All ductwork and its components are checked for obstructions. Cleanoven can operate out of business hours to allow for minimum disruption to your business.


Our thorough cleaning process is rigorous and we stand over every completed job. A detailed report includes every detail of the system clean and all works carried out including before and after photographs. Our certification is a condition of cover for many insurance companies.

How Often Should You Clean Your Oven

Frequency of cleaning depends on the usage, the appliance and the quantity of cooking. Insurance companies suggest cleaning intervals of six months or more. The table below can be used as a guide:

Frequency                         Usage                             Cooking

3 Months                           Heavy                             12 – 16 hours per day

6 Months                           Medium                         6 – 12 hours per day

12 Months                         Light                               2 – 6 hours per day

  • Services Provided

    Extensive cleaning of canopy and extract ducting to HVCA TR19 StandardCommercial-Oven-Cleaning

    Exhaust Fan Repair and replacement

    Programme Maintenance and cleaning

    Equipment Cleaning

    Grease Filter Exchange

    Certification of completion

    Before and After Photos

    Video surveying pre cleaning

    Video survey post clean on complex ducting systems

    At Clean Oven we employ the latest pneumatic brushing technologies to ensure removal of grease from complex or long extract ducting systems. When combined with video, our operators can easily navigate complex ducting systems and record footage to verify results of the clean. This system utilises a range of brush heads and water, hence reducing the necessity for use of chemicals in the clean. If required, the system can also spray a range of disinfectants and sealants post cleaning to the ducting system.

    Clean Oven will provide a certificate of cleanliness post every clean and will also provide a full report including both before and after photos as part of the completion pack. This pack can then be presented to your insurers to demonstrate compliance with your policy’s conditions.

    Call us now on 01 4588885 for a free quote.